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What is a Seabreacher?


Seabreachers are a high performance 2-seater supercharged watercraft capable of unmatched, freestyle jaw dropping maneuvers.  Operates like an aircraft with full three axis of control – pitch, roll, and yaw – versus a two dimension plane of conventional watercraft.  Seabreachers have  characteristics of a stunt boat with roller coaster like effects able to carve, jump, dive and cut though the waves.  

The organic lines of the vessel’s sculpted body present an unforgettable sight on land and water.  


Seabreachers can:

  • Jump 20 feet out of the water
  • Dive 5 feet below the water
  • 360 degree barrel rolls on top of the water
  • Stay underwater for up to a 1 minute
  • Travel up to 60 MPH above water 
  • Travel up to 25 MPH under water

Seabreachers Mean Business

Film & Media Appearance


Seabreachers have appeared on television networks around the World and have been in numerous movies and television programs.  

Seabreachers available for sponsorship and lease for commercial or media project.

Special Events & Promotions


Seabreachers are an excellent marketing tool due to their uniqueness and ability to draw a crowd.    

Promote brand awareness, increase sales, and entertain with the #1 Seabreacher!

Seabreacher Mako Shark complete with onboard kegerator now available.

Advertising & Sponsorship


The jaw dropping capabilities of the Seabreacher coupled with company logos will turn heads and cause a frenzy wherever displayed. 

Several models available for Long and Short Term Lease.

Custom Designed


Nothing sets your product or service apart like advertising on a Seabreacher.  

Let us help you design and customize an effective marketing tool to meet your needs.  Custom Seabreachers can be built and shipped within 2 months.



Seabreachers and Jetovator Hydro Flyers available for live performances.  Entertain large crowds with jaw dropping, professional performances from the ocean, river and lakes.  

On Land: 70 x 100 pool available for hydro flight Jetovator performance.

...or Just for Fun!



 All Seabreachers are custom designed and hand built in Northern California.  Shipping is available worldwide.  If you can dream it, we can make it.  

3 high performance models available ranging from $79,000-$140,000.

Private Parties


A Party with a Seabreacher is a great way to entertain and have an experience of a lifetime.

Private Parties available for full and half day rental, starting at $2000.  

Nascar Drivers Know!

Training Demo


Experience the adrenaline rush of a lifetime!  Learn about and ride in the #1 water toy and experience a high speed thrills from mild to wild.  

Coming soon!  Passenger rides at select venues and locations throughout Florida.


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