Seabreacher Florida

What is a Seabreacher?

Seabreachers are a high performance 2-seater supercharged watercraft capable of unmatched, freestyle jaw dropping maneuvers.  Operates like an aircraft with full three axis of control – pitch, roll, and yaw – versus a two dimension plane of conventional watercraft.  Seabreachers have  characteristics of a stunt boat with roller coaster like effects able to carve, jump, dive and cut though the waves.  

The organic lines of the vessel’s sculpted body present an unforgettable sight on land and water.  

Seabreachers can:

  • Jump 20 feet out of the water
  • Dive 5 feet below the water
  • 360 degree barrel rolls on top of the water
  • Stay underwater for up to a 1 minute
  • Travel up to 60 MPH above water 
  • Travel up to 25 MPH under water

Party Shark Keg Boat - Now Available

Famous Landshark Lager / Party Shark Keg Boat!

The Party Shark Keg Boat originally built for Landshark Lager.  Now available for promotions and sponsorship.

Extreme Stunt Boat

Fly 60 MPH on top of the water and 

Dive underwater for up to a mile at 25 MPH

Unmatched Freestyle Abilities

~ Jump 20 feet out of the water

~ Capable of 90 degree jumps and back flops

Customizable for any Brand

Party Shark - with custom bottle snorkel

It Serves Beer Too!

The only fully functioning keg boat.         Sample or sell beer!

Backseat Kegerator

Onboard Kegerator serving any BEER!

Dolphin Boat - Now Available


Seabreacher Florida Dolphin Boat available for short or long term sponsorship


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