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#1 on the Top 10 Coolest Looking Boats.  "The most totally awesome-looking boat in the marina." -

"About 27 percent dolphin, 37 percent shark, 47 percent jet boat – and 100 percent awesome." - AOL’s Bradley Hasemeyer

“I’ve never experienced anything like the Seabreacher. If you want an adrenaline rush and over the top excitement you’ve got to try it to believe it.” - Antwan Albuoy, President & CEO of Kinezumi Water Sports

"By far the best feeling ever." - Seabreacher owner

“The Seabreacher offers a new dimension in water craft with a recreational experience that is second to none.” - Roger Moore, CEO Nautical Ventures

Truly like nothing you have seen before - Motor Boat & Yachting

The power and agility of this vessel is insane! - Search Amelia

It moves like an exotic sports car and feels like maneuvering a fighter jet aircraft. It is definitely a craft for the adrenaline junkie and thrill seeker, no matter the age.- Bermuda Tourist Authority

For that ultimate water adventure, you need a toy that is not just small but fast and furious as well.  The ultimate toy of the rich. - Luxury Launches


The incredible custom toy. - Boat International

The Seabreacher is -- by far -- the coolest-looking personal submarine currently on the market. - Digital Trends

This crazy speedboat-submarine is an adrenaline junkie’s dream. - Trusted Reviews

Favorite grown-up toy that is just too fun to resist. - Hudson Mod

The Seabreacher is one of those incredible machines you have to see to believe. - Product Design & Development

Seabreacher rated #1 personal submarine - Cosmic Me