Custom Built High Performance Models starting at $79,000 USD

X Model

The ultimate stunt boat!

90 degree jumps

230 hp Rotax Supercharged 

length:  17′ x 3′ 

wingspan: 7’10”

Y Model

The Orca with functioning blowhole!  

panoramic canopy

230 hp Rotax Supercharged 

length:  17’2” x 3’5”

wingspan: 7’1″

Z Model

 360 degree Barrel Rolls! 

retractable snorkel

260 hp Rotax Supercharged

length:  16’6” x 3’

wingspan: 6’6”

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Each Seabreacher is customized to the buyer's desired specifications and hand built in Northern California.  Shipping available worldwide.   

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